If your home is still running off a wired Ethernet connection to the internet, you are really missing out. Switching to a wireless internet provider could upgrade your daily workflow and overall life in a variety of ways. Here's why you should make the switch to wireless internet today.

Print From Anywhere in the House

Today's consumer (and commercial) printers often have wireless capability built right in. The printer connects to your computer or other device over your wireless internet connection and picks up the request to print your documents. This means you could be downstairs on the couch with your laptop, click a button, and your printer upstairs will start printing out your desired files. Wireless internet also makes it easy for multiple members of the family to send documents to the printer at the same time. The printer will just put the next requested document into a queue and print them out in the order that the print request was received.

Share Files Without a Thumb Drive

If you have files you want to quickly move from one computer to another, you might be using a USB thumb drive right now. But once your wireless internet is set up, you'll be able to see all of the other files on any other computer that's on the same network. Just activate wireless file sharing and you'll be able to access your work computer up in the office while playing around with your home laptop down in the kitchen. The files will transfer wirelessly and you won't have to worry about misplacing a thumb drive ever again.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

Just about every modern technology product today with an internet connection can connect to the World Wide Web wirelessly. That means your smart phone, your tablet, and your video game system could all benefit from a wireless connection. You'll be able to take your entertainment devices to any room in the house and still get online without worrying about running a cable all through your home. The best part for a larger family is that multiple people will be able to connect to your new wireless internet at the same time. Your kids can stream a video game upstairs while you watch a movie on a streaming platform downstairs. 

If your home's internet connection is still based on Ethernet, it's time to cut the cord and switch to wireless internet. Contact a wireless internet provider today for more information.

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