If you're still relying on public Wi-Fi, it's time to invest in your own connection. Public Wi-Fi is great for emergency situations, or for when you just happen to be out and about; however, for your everyday use, you need a dedicated Wi-Fi service of your own. If you still don't think you need to have your own Wi-Fi service installed, take a look at the information provided below. Here are just reasons you need to rely on your own Wi-Fi. 

Eliminate Eavesdropping

Each time you log into a public Wi-Fi system, you put yourself at risk for eavesdropping. This practice may not seem too menacing, but it can have disastrous effects on your life. During your public Wi-Fi usage someone near you could be using their computer to spy on your personal online activities. Unfortunately, if you're visiting secure locations such as your bank accounts, the eavesdropper will be able to gain access to those accounts. You can eliminate the risk of eavesdropping by installing your own internet in your home. 

Avoid Clone Attacks

If you use public Wi-Fi, you're at a greater risk for clone attacks. Unfortunately, clone attacks are difficult to identify, especially if you don't know what to look for. Clone attacks occur when bogus websites are set up to mimic legitimate sites. They may look like the real thing, but they're actually sites that have been set up by hackers. Once you've logged onto these cloned sites, all your secure information can be passed on to the hacker. One way to avoid clone attacks is to have the internet installed in your home. That way, you can avoid the risks associated with public Wi-Fi use. 

Protect Against Viruses

When you log into public Wi-Fi, you're sharing the connection with other users. What you might not know is that each one of the shared users could be using an infected computer. Unfortunately, viruses don't stay in one computer when there's a shared network to travel through. This means that the viruses contained on nearby computers could worm their way right through to yours. You can protect your computer against virus damage by investing in your own internet service. 

Ensure Upgraded Security

Finally, if you want to make sure that your computer, and online information, is safe and secure, it's time to have your own internet installed. One of the benefits of using your own internet connection is that you're in charge of security. That means you can upgrade your internet service to provide maximum protection for your computer. Learn more about security options by contacting internet installation services.